Kate Medlicott Studio

A colourful dialogue.


Kate creates fabrics from her workshop in Somerset, England. Inspired by the shapes and shades all around her, her designs are organic, vibrant and understated. They are infused with curiosity and colour and are striking in their simplicity.


At the heart of Kate's work is a love of colour and the romantic possibilities that it presents; how a thoughtfully placed accent hue can inject energy and beauty into a design or a painting or an outfit. She combines her ‘colour-love’ with quiet, graceful, energetic and distinctive drawing to produce artisan pieces that extol the marriage of the hand-drawn and the digital. The digital design ‘remembers’ the initial instantaneous, fluid and physical process by which it was made and echoes the shape or form from which it was originally inspired.


Kate originally studied Fine Art and History of Art in England, graduating with a first class honours from the University of Leeds. She then went on to work in investment in London, Singapore and Hong Kong, where she sowed the seeds of her design studio.


Kate is now based in the South West of England, where she lives with her husband and two children.

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