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We are delighted to have translated some of our fabric designs to the wall for the first time, and at the same time, printed some delicious new colourways ~ from green 'pasture' to pink 'panther', we hope you find something here that suits every corner of your home.  

Kate Medlicott - Chardon-Marie Wallpaper - Chalk_edited.jpg

Chardon-Marie in Chalk

KM-Chardon-Marie Wallpaper in Rose colourway.jpg

Chardon-Marie in Rose

KM-Chardon-Marie Wallpaper- Turquoise-Flat Swatch.jpg

Chardon-Marie in Turquoise

KM-Chardon-Marie Wallpaper in Panther Colourway.jpg

Chardon-Marie in Panther

KM-Chardon-Marie Wallpaper in Lapis colourway.jpg

Chardon-Marie in Lapis

KM-Chardon-Marie Wallpaper in Mint colourway.jpg

Chardon-Marie in Mint

KM-Meuse Wallpaper-Pasture Colourway I.jpg

Meuse in Pasture

KM-Chardon-Marie Wallpaper in Macaron Colourway II.jpg

Chardon-Marie in Macaron

KM-AS0002-Kooky Cockatoos-3.JPG

Kooky Cockatoos in Turquoise & Berry


Valencia in Fern & Raspberry

Non-woven luxury wallpaper

Roll Width: 52cm

Roll Length: 10 metres

Printed in England onto Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, using non-toxic and low volatile organic compound (VOC) inks. 


We can print any of our fabric designs as wallpaper. 



Wallpaper mock-up-Birds of Paradise.jpg

Birds of Paradise in Tropical

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